Low Carb Spaghetti and Meatballs


For the meatballs, I used this recipe: https://www.lowcarbmaven.com/low-carb-meatballs-recipe-italian-style/.

I have a favorite low carb marinara sauce at Trader Joe’s, but if you do not have access, this is a good alternative:


The other major secret ingredient to this is Miracle Noodles or other Shirataki Noodles. They have an odor when you open the package, but they should be rinsed thoroughly before cooking so that the odor no longer exists in the dish.



In a medium-sized pot, prepare pasta water. Put all pasta in a strainer and rinse thoroughly BEFORE cooking. Boil the miracle noodles for ten minutes. While the pasta is cooking, put meatballs and sauce in a large skillet to warm and combine flavors. Drain the pasta and add to the meatballs and sauce. Plate and sprinkle with parmesan, salt, and pepper.


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