Hello Keto Crackers!

Yep, I said that correctly. You can make crackers in about 5-6 minutes. They’re crazy crispy and also only 4 net carbs per serving (one tortilla)!

For those of you hemming and hawing about getting an air fryer, JUST DO IT! I like the toaster oven combo because I can also use it as an oven, warmer, and most importantly…an air fryer. I also like that it has so much surface area. It is perfect for making pizza, wings etc.

This model is my favorite one as of now.

All you need for this recipe is the Mission Low Carb Tortillas. For the record, the tortilla can me up to 25 crackers depending on size of your slices, so one is plenty for a crispy snack!

Image result for low carb mission tortillas

Simply take a pizza cutter, and cut the tortilla vertically and then horizontally in one inch pieces.

Turn the air fryer on to 325 degrees. Place the tortilla pieces in a single layer in the fryer basket. Air fry until the pieces turn a golden brown. Allow the pieces to cool compeletely.

Serve with all of those dips that are low carb that you’ve been dying to have with something crunchy as a vessel!

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