Keto Nachos!

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! These were amazingly crispy with only 4 net carbs per serving. One serving is one tortilla cut into chip sized pieces. It was plenty for a meal.

It is incredibly easy to turn the Mission Low Carb Tortillas into crispy tortilla chips!

It helps if you have an air fryer, but a convection oven would probably work just as well.

Spray the tortilla on both sides with avocado oil or other oil of your choosing. Cut into desired shapes. Place onto a rack or in a metal basket.

In a 300 degree convection oven or air fryer, cook until chips are a light golden brown. Allow them to cool completely before topping with anything. Once they are cooled and crispy, you can top with whatever you desire. Put back into the oven until melty.



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